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Samuel Smith was born in Miami, Fl and now resides in the Big City. He did his undergraduate studies at Alabama State University under the direction of Dr. Tommie Stewart where he received his B.A. in Theatre Arts. Samuel furthered his education at Brandeis University where he earned his M.F.A in Theatre Arts. Shortly after graduating he moved to New York City and started teaching Theatre Arts to school children. He loved it so much that he created a company to be able to teach on his own terms. Being in the New York school system, Samuel saw a need to be filled in the way of empowerment. So he set aside time at the beginning of every class in order to encourage his the students. That empowerment turned into a workshop and a non-profit entitled BRIDGE BUILDER CAMP, where he does after school programs and summer enrichment geared toward empowering and educating. As an actor Samuel was most recently cast in the T.V. Shows: SHADES OF BLUE, GREENLEAF, HOUSE OF CARDS, DAREDEVIL, THE INSPECTORS, THE BLACKLIST, THE GOODWIFE, LEFTOVERS, ELEMENTARY, PERSON OF INTEREST, the pilot UPTOWN GIRLS, the movie CADILLAC RECORDS as the Guitarist, the orderly on HBO’s hit show THE SOPRANOS and Apokalypto on LAW AND ORDER: CI. He has done a number of theatrical plays including: THE ELABORATE ENTRANCE OF CHAD DEITY (at NY'S Second Stage), THE BROTHER SIZE, CAMP LOGAN, SASSY MAMA'S, DIARY OF BLACKMEN and AUGUST IN APRIL. He has also performed in national commercials such as Mc Donald’s, Nerf, Kool-Aid and Coca-Cola.  Moreover, he has done modeling jobs in both print and runway. 




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